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Both PEFO 34561 and PEFO 34269 maintain partial 2nd sacral vertebrae

5.six.cuatro Sacral spinal vertebrae

Numerous remote sacral centra have been amassed (elizabeth.g., PEFO 33875 and 33819), nevertheless the sacral rib and you will neural arc are damaged away from. What amount of sacral spinal vertebrae is determined is two situated on: (a) several distinctive line of sacral rib marks to your ilia out-of R. callenderi; (b) a couple of ankylosed centra (PEFO 36876) having obvious articulations getting ribs and you can sensory arches (Data 8i–k); and (c) here appear to be only a few morphologies of sacral vertebrae certainly one of the isolated specimens. The two ankylosed centra shows that particular specimens out of R. callenderi will get coossify the sacral spinal vertebrae and this so it character are variable from inside the taxon. While the every specimens from PFV 297 was from similar dimensions, it coossification in a number of specimens does not be seemingly proportions related. Alternatively, as within the ventral view the lateral expansions of your centra around the new ankylosed Bu baДџlantД±yД± ziyaret et town aren’t very well symmetrical, which collection you are going to depict a pathology and extra specimens are essential to ensure which.

The latest sacral centra is actually elongate and you will mediolaterally wide than just dorsoventrally tall, additionally the centrum faces is actually amphicoelous (Numbers 8i–k). Another sacral rib articulates with most of one’s horizontal surface of the centrum and you can an element of the ventrolateral epidermis of your own sensory arch (PEFO 36876). Within the dorsal check, the latest sacral rib of one’s next sacral vertebra expands significantly for the an anteroposteriorly elongate articulation towards ilium (Profile 8l). Continue reading Both PEFO 34561 and PEFO 34269 maintain partial 2nd sacral vertebrae