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Art Easel Charity Support

Through the Bright Golf Art Easel program with sealed bid auctions, local and national charities are supported on a regular basis throughout Southern Alberta. Our easels are free to place at any location, which means there is no risk at all.

Current Charities

In 2013, Bright Golf teamed with the Canadian Red Cross and the Salvation Army, to raise money for the Alberta Flood Relief Program.

In 2016, Bright Golf teamed up again, to raise money for the victims of the Fort McMurray fires.

Other charities supported with the Art Easels include: Special Olympics, Jump Start (Canadian Tire), various Food Banks throughout Southern Alberta, Lethbridge Hurricane’s and many others.

It is amazing what five square feet can do when people’s hearts are in the right place.

Current Locations

The art easels are placed in various businesses (hosts) throughout the area. You will find them in Canadian Tire, ATB Financial, CIBC, Casino Lethbridge, various Safeway, Extra Foods, Co-Op, Boston Pizza, Smitty’s Restaurant and others.

All the hosts do is put up our easels and display some beautiful artwork or some cool sports memorabilia and the benefits will pour in to the chosen charity.

Have an Art Easel placed at your business today!

We Do All the Work

All you have to do is give us a copy of your logo to display, and then sit back and let us handle the rest!

The five square feet of floor space, donated by the host establishment and will host a new piece of art every two weeks.

Through ballots that are placed in a locked box, generous customers bid on the beautiful artwork displayed.

Each piece of art is selected with the charity or the host establishment in mind.

The original cost of the artwork, and other associated costs generate the minimum bid, while every cent surpassing the minimum goes directly to the chosen charity.
We supply the artwork and a smart easel on which to display it. We provide the signage and Sealed Bid Auction materials, contact the winner, and manage the purchase and delivery details.

A Bright Golf team member handles the replacement of each piece of art, and readies the space for the next two weeks of sealed bidding.

Any other associated effort or costs are also our responsibility.

No Cost to Host

A Sealed Bid Auction, organized by Bright Golf, is an ideal way for businesses and other establishments to fundraise for a charity of their choice.

There are no costs for the hosts associated with the auction and Bright Golf supplies all auction materials. We handle all the details, manage the auction, handle the presentation and delivery of the art, and oversee the completion of the purchases.

Bright Golf is motivated and united by a common goal to help our partners succeed. That’s why we operate at no cost to our partners and take care of all the hard work.

The only cost to the host establishment is five square feet of floor space.

Bright Golf has raised thousands of dollars for many different charities, both large and small, for special projects or long-term initiatives. The simplicity of this program is what makes it successful, but bringing a community together to help those in need makes everyone a winner. Our ‘Charity Widget’ shows the funds contributed to charity since the start of the program.
If you own a business and would like to have an art easel set up in your place of business, to support one of the charities noted above or another charity of your choosing, contact Bright Golf today!

Help us continue to raise money for these worthy charities… have an Art Easel in your place of business or bid on a piece of Art today!

Fundraising Support

Fundraising can be tough. Our goal is to help charity organizations of all sizes at the lowest risk and cost possible for everyone involved.

Bright Golf provides authentic sports and entertainment memorabilia as well as artwork for silent and live auctions at charity golf tournaments, charity galas and balls and other fundraising events, through our consignment based Auction Program throughout Southern Alberta.

Bright Golf has an Auction Solution to meet your specific needs

We work with organizations that have an existing silent auction or live auction in place, but need to supplement their selection of merchandise.
We also team up with organizations that have no silent auction at all at their event.

Contact us today to help with your next charity event!

How it Works

After learning about the details of your silent auction event, and the preferences and tastes of your guests, we will customize a unique selection of sports and entertainment items.

With all the materials and services provided by Bright Golf, all at no cost, with no risk.

We supply some or all of the products for your fundraising event, offering products ranging in value from $10.00 up to $10,000. From inexpensive to high-end, from 1 to 100 items, we will assemble the perfect mix to dazzle your audience.

Any items that do not sell, Bright Golf takes back.

It’s just that easy… Bright Golf does it all for you.

Bright Golf’s Silent Auction Benefits

  • No-risk, no-cost program for your organization to raise substantial revenue.
  • No hassles. Your time is valuable and your job is demanding. We’ll do all the time-consuming work and you are free to pursue other sources of revenue.
  • Exceed your goals! Take your fundraising to the next level. Your guests will enjoy the great selection of auction items on display, leading to numerous bids and greater revenue for your organization.
  • Consignment - The memorabilia provided is on consignment with no obligation to buy.
  • Bright Golf gives a 25% discount on the retail cost to the charity and the item is put on a reserve bid at retail. An example is a $200.00 picture has a cost of $150.00 to the charity with the bid sheet starting at a reserve bid of $200.00. As soon as the reserve bid is made by your attendee, the charity automatically makes $50.00 from the first bid. Usually the bids escalate for the charities.
  • Featured Celebrities – We have access to sports celebrities to be a key note speaker or just to show a presence to enhance the charity.
Your organization is guaranteed to make money on every item that sells and your revenue escalates as the bidding increases.

Our Auction program will help your charity increase revenues without any risk. When your fundraiser offers our products, not only will your guest walk away with a great piece of memorability, they will be donating to a worthy cause.

Athletic & Business Promotions

Bright Golf offers a wide variety of promotional items that are completely customizable to suit your organization or teams needs. Whether you are looking to strengthen your brand with custom logo frames or build relationships with your staff and customers with a corporate gifting program Bright Golf has you covered!

Personal & Client Gifts, Employee Recognition

We also offer unique gifts from drinkware, tools, writing instruments, to pet clothing and luggage.

Make your brand known with that special gift!

Team & Corporate Apparel

The store carries golf and sports apparel for men and women such as Fila, Russel, Jerzees, Amanti, Fruit of the Loom and Whiteridge to mention a few.

We provide the service of having the shirts silk screened or embroidered with your corporate logo as well as complete lines of promotional products.

Assemble your Team with a line of clothing from Bright Golf!


Contact the Bright Golf team today to see how we can help your organization grow!

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